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1 in 5 women suffer from PCOD*

  • Do you have an irregular menstrual cycle?
  • Excessive facial or body hair?

  • Increased acne and hair loss?

  • Unexplained weight gain?
  • An inability to get pregnant?
Yes, all of these symptoms are associated with PCOD and they can feel overwhelming to say the least. But, there is plenty to be hopeful about, despite the fact that PCOD is regarded is chronic. Ayurveda can help not just by relieving your symptoms, but by getting to the root of the problem completely naturally. Ayurvedic medications for PCOD like Cycloherb are side effect free (unlike their allopathic counterparts) and can help to normalize metabolic, endocrinal, and reproductive functions.


*According to a 2015 Study conducted by Metropolis Healthcare

PCOS Treatment in Ayurveda

Cycloherb is the culmination of 150 years of tradition and modern scientific research from the house of Dr. Vaidya’s. The age old formulation for women’s wellness has been tested and improved to make it the best natural defense against the growing threat of PCOD.

Designed with completely natural, Ayurvedic ingredients, Cycloherb contains a careful blend of 32 herbs with proven benefits for women with PCOD. Free of any chemicals, the formulation does not come with the high risk of side effects associated with many pharmaceutical products.

At Dr. Vaidya’s we believe that the best treatments are those that get to the root of the problem. This is why Cycloherb has been designed to provide not just relief from PCOD symptoms, but also to address underlying hormonal problems and imbalances.


A Blend of the Choicest Herbs


Regarded as a rejuvenating herb, amla has a high nutritional density and strong antioxidant effect that helps reduce inflammation, modulates hormonal balance, and detoxifies the body.


An organic substance extracted from Himalayan rock formations, shilajit has proven rejuvenative, immuno-modulatory, and diuretic effects that can help relieve symptoms of PCOD.


Also known as the Himalayan Cedar, the bark, wood, and oil extract of this tree are all important Ayurvedic ingredients because of their anti-inflammatory, diuretic, cardio-protective, and antiseptic properties


Curcumin, the main bioactive compound of turmeric or haldi, is notable for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, making it a common ingredient in medications to fight joint pain, inflammatory disease, and menstrual disorders.


Often described as pipli or Indian Long Pepper, this ingredient can help to regularize the menstrual cycle, relieve menstrual cramps, and raise fertility levels, improving the outlook for PCOD patients.


The seed and extracts from coriander can help regulate menstrual flow and can also lower the risk of PCOD associated complications through their hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity.
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About Us

Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age Ayurvedic products business founded by a family with 150 years of Ayurvedic heritage. Over the years, Vaidya family members have passed down knowledge that has now led to 96 FDA approved formulations for Ayurvedic proprietary medicine produced in a Ministry of AYUSH approved, ISO 9001:2015 and GMP Certified manufacturing facility that is also US FDA approved. The company’s aim is to take the traditional science of Ayurveda to modern consumers worldwide.

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