Cycloherb – Ayurvedic Medicine for PCOD – Pack of Two(1 Month Course)

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Use of Cycloherb – Regulate Menstrual Cycle:

Controls PCOD, PCOS and irregular hormonal levels in women

Quantity: 30 N X 2 (Capsules)

Dosage: One capsule twice per day

Introduction to Cycloherb:

Dr. Vaidya’s Cycloherb is combination of 32 herbs that balances the hormone levels in women and thus helps regulate the menstrual cycle. The product is used to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps, control hormonal imbalances and reduce the level of hyperacidity caused by menstruation. The product is also known to be a uterine tonic and helpful in vaginal as well as urinary tract problems.

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Dr. Vaidya’s Cycloherb is an Ayurvedic medicine for PCOS that is made using purely natural ingredients. Cycloherb contains a proprietary blend of 32 herbs with proven benefits for women with PCOS. This natural supplement for PCOS supports healthy reproductive function and the restoration of optimal hormonal levels. By addressing the underlying causes of PCOS, Cycloherb can provide relief from menstrual cycle irregularities and pain, as well as from digestive problems, skin disorders, and other complications linked to PCOS. 

Cycloherb is regarded as one of the best Ayurvedic medicines for PCOS because of its efficacy and safety. The blend of herbs has been precisely formulated based on intensive research, testing, and information from ancient Ayurvedic texts. Cycloherb is therefore a product of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern scientific enterprise. This Ayurvedic medicine for PCOD is made using high quality ingredients, including important Ayurvedic herbs such as amla, shilajit, pipramool, and devdar, among others. With no added chemical or synthetic ingredients, Cycloherb is 100% natural and safe, and does not expose you to any risk of side effects if used as per the recommendations. 

Cycloherb is your best defense against the growing threat of PCOD, which now afflicts 1 in 5 women. However, as a 100% natural product, Cycloherb PCOD tablets must be taken daily for a period of at least 3 months for you to get the best results.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please call us on +919820291850 or email us on

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59 reviews for Cycloherb – Ayurvedic Medicine for PCOD – Pack of Two(1 Month Course)

  1. Kavya

    Good stuff

  2. Aashi

    Really great product, honestly!

  3. Sumaya

    I consulted the Dr. Vaidya’s in-house doctor and she really helped me with a diet chart and medication

  4. Niharika

    Gave me that extra boost to get me through my day

  5. Meghna

    Do teen mahine mei sab theek ho gaya

  6. Varsha

    You really notice the changes after completing the course

  7. Urvi

    PCOD and other menstruation related problems are gone

  8. Vrinali

    PCOD troubled me for many years, but this medicine first reduced then eliminated the problem completely

  9. Dakshita

    Helped me overcome my cramping irregularities

  10. Janvi

    Helped with my PCOD problem which was troubling me for very long

  11. Sunaina

    Helped to keep my hormonal balances in check, great medicine

  12. Aradhya

    Another amazing medicine by Dr. Vaidya’s

  13. Chinmayi

    Minimum side effects and maximum benefits

  14. Ayushi

    Badiya product hai

  15. Arushi

    Gave me the confidence I needed more than anything

  16. Rose

    Once the problem was eradicated, it showed no signs of coming back

  17. Grace

    Saw the effects in the long term

  18. Kajal

    Great product

  19. Arushi

    Much better than other PCOD medicines

  20. Akshita

    Irregular menstruations used to hurt my mobility, but now I’m not scared of anything

  21. Priya

    PCOD ki problem kam ho gayi

  22. Isha

    Improves menstruation cycle and reduces period troubles

  23. Kara

    Cycloherb corrected my irregular period cycle.

  24. Indira

    Great product no side effects

  25. Ishita

    Amazing product. Would recommend this to anyone who wishes to be cured of PCOD

  26. Ishani

    Meri beti ki PCOD ekdum theek ho gaya

  27. Hema

    Thank u Dr. vaidyas badiya product banaya

  28. Ishita

    Felt no side effects whatsoever, great medicine

  29. Akanksha

    Helps me get through my day with a lot more energy!

  30. Harshita

    Badiya product

  31. Damini

    Initially felt like it doesn’t work, but after completing the course, I had no doubt it was the right choice

  32. Gautami

    Amazing medicine, other medicines made me fall asleep or eat excessively. But this does not

  33. Isha

    Very good product

  34. Chhaya

    Corrected my irregular period cycles

  35. Ekta

    Great product!

  36. Darshana

    Very good product

  37. Chandni

    After trying many different medicines, I finally found the right one

  38. Shreya

    Very effective

  39. Chaitali

    Meri pcod ki problem solve ho gayi

  40. Arushi

    Lovely product! Corrected my irregular menstruation indefinitely!

  41. Akanksha

    Ab dard kam ho gaya hai

  42. Shreya

    Useful product

  43. Gayatri

    Great product, thnks Dr. Vaidyas

  44. Aabha

    Helped reduce period cramps and correct my cycle.

  45. Radhika

    Many fail to acknowledge PCOS, but it is a growing ailment in women. The in house doctor was very understanding and prescribed cycloherb for me.

  46. Sara

    Improved digestion during my periods and helped me immensely.

  47. Shruti

    Helped me get my menstruation cycle back on track after one month.

  48. jhaarna

    my pcod had led to crazy hairfall but after this medicine not only have my periods become quite regular but also reduced my hairfall to a very high extent

  49. heemakshi

    amazing !!! normal medicines havent helped as much as this medicine has helped my periods become regular

  50. aditi

    very genuine

  51. heena mehta


  52. minisha

    really very nice medicine, acne also went from my face

  53. jhinal

    it is very helpful and i would suggest to complete full 3 month course to completely get rid of the problem

  54. dhevanshi

    yeh davai vakay mein bahut achi hai, mera teen mehena ka course abhi bhi chalu hai lekin mera pain bahut kum ho gaya hai aur periods bhi regular ho chuke hai

  55. yashaswini

    i was doubtful since it was ayurvedic but it has still worked wonders !!

  56. smita

    mala cycloherb ne khup faayda zala!!

  57. pooja

    this medicine was very effective and after regular dosage it actually showed a difference

  58. hemali

    bahut achoi hai yeh davai

  59. Roma

    Extremely helpful product. This really helps

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